Supply chain security management systems according to the requirements of ISO 28000  


Logistics and complex partnerships in the supply chain can be impacted by unexpected events or national and international regulations. Organizations wish to ensure the security of supply chains by identifying potential threats, evaluation of risks and implementation of control measures.  

ISO 28000 has been developed as an answer to the need for a security management system applicable to the whole elements of the supply chain. His aim is to help in the identification of hazards that may impact supply chains, assessment of associated risks and implementing adequate controls.

The requirements of ISO 28000 include all critical aspects that relate to the safety of distribution channels like information management, packing, storage or the transfer of goods between locations and vehicles. 


CERTIND provides certification services for supply chain management systems according to the requirements of ISO 28000.


Security of port facilities according to the requirements of the ISPS code  


CERTIND is authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Transport to carry out assessment activities for port facility security according to the provisions of the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) code.   

The security assessment is a mandatory requirement for all organizations operating port facilities.