Information security management systems according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001      


Dependence on information systems and services means organizations are  more vulnerable to security threats. Information is an asset which, like other important business asset, has value to an organization and consequently needs to be suitably protected. By proper identification and classification of those assets and a systematic risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities your company can select appropriate controls to manage those risks and demonstrate that it is preserving confidentiality, integrity and availability of those information assets to clients, consumers, shareholders, authorities and society at large.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the International Standard providing requirements related to the information security management system in order to enable an organization to assess its risks and implement controls.

Among other, the advantages of implementing and certifying an information security management systems are:

- conformation with legal and contractual requirements;

- generating trust from customers, shareholders and any other interested party regarding the way the information assets are being managed by the organization

- avoiding losses of important sensible information.