Environmental management systems according to the requirements of ISO 14001


The implementation of an environmental management system represents the commitment of an organization to protect the environment, prevent pollution and promote sustainable development, while the certification of the management system represents the official confirmation of this commitment.    


An implemented environmental management system brings, among others, the following advantages:

- improved organizational image in the community and among business partners;

- efficient use of resources and improved management of waste;

- improved relations with state authorities;

- access to new markets and business opportunities;

- improved work environment for the employees;

- prevention of environmental accidents.



 EMAS. The tool for environmental performance


EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) demonstrates performance, transparency and organizations credibility.

The official confirmation is obtained through EMAS registration.


The advantages of EMAS registration include:

- conformity with environmental legislation;

- better use of raw materials and energy resources as base for sustainable development;

- improved organizational image ;

- competitive advantage when participating in public tenders;

- decrease of costs as a result of improved performance;

- better communication with authorities;

- credibility obtained through the public environmental statement and continual performance monitoring.


CERTIND is accredited by RENAR as environmental verifier. For details please access section Accreditations and recognitions.