Second party audits 


Second party audits represent assessments of management systems, production flows or diverse activities performed by an organization; based on a specific set of requirements agreed with the client.   

The aim of second-party audits is to provide an efficient tool for reducing business risks associated with and insufficient control over partners activities.   

Basing on an network of auditors and technical experts, with recognized competence that covers all major economic sectors, CERTIND provides second-party auditing services.   

Second party audits can focus on aspects like:   

- supplier management system - e.g. quality management system, environmental, health and safety, food safety, information security, etc;   

- conformity of supplier activity with legal, regulatory or contractual requirements;   

- supplier infrastructure, resources, work procedures in order to evaluate its capacity in meeting specified requirements.   

Second party audits are based on a set of requirements agreed with the beneficiary, CERTIND assessors performing their activity with professionalism, impartiality and in complete confidentiality.


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